In addition to the opportunity for private capital sources to partner with our group to acquire, develop, and exit upstream energy assets, Blue Tip Energy also offers extensive upstream energy advisory services for competitive fees.  

These services can range from short discrete assignments to longer engagements that involve the operation, and eventual sale or merger of non-core assets.  Such services can be of particular value to banks, hedge funds, and other lending or investing institutions that have had to take over the operating asset(s) of clients or when an assets ownership is in transition.   

We can offer:
  • Field operations and back office support,
  • Land and lease records management, JIB and revenue accounting support, 
  • Production reporting, local taxing, and regulatory support,
  • Due diligence and non legal closing support,
  • Risk and environmental assessment support, 
  • Preparation of assets, field ops, and preliminary data room for exit including engaging divestiture firms and overseeing the process through final closing,
  • Recommend and advise on engagements with a host of energy related support services such as insurance, government reporting, geological and geotechnical services, reserve engineering services, energy focused legal support, and environmental phase I and II reporting.  

If you’d like to learn more about how Blue Tip Energy could partner with or advise your group, please contact Rich DiClaudio (281.944.3805) or Bruce Taylor (281.944.3802)